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Election day is June 7. Vote by mail now!

Fresno needs hope and Fresno City Council needs new leadership.  With allegations of mishandling of city funds, shady backroom deals, scandal, and corruption in the current council it is clearly time for fresh hope and someone new.  Courtney Westfall is here to pave the way to transformation in the lives of our families. Her experience in the community and honest approach will root out corruption and help to reform Fresno. Here you will find everything you need to know about Courtney Westfall, how she got her start in politics, as well as issues she is deeply concerned with, and how you too can join her cause.

Courtney on the Issues



Courtney Westfall advocates to provide programs for those that want to change. We cannot, however, continue to sacrifice the safety of the next generation for those that don't want to change. Making more space available for homelessness at the expense of other parts of the community that needs space to safely and prosperously live and move is not fair to our Fresno families and neighbors. The homeless are responsible to have basic consideration and respect for their fellow man by not destroying the community while they are getting well. A hand-up is better than a hand-out! 

We of course have compassion and want nothing more than to help the weak among us who are willing to receive help to get on their feet through appropriate social channels and advocates. Courtney wishes to secure funding for more trash cans around the city, working water fountains, and available restrooms to assist the unhoused as well as maintain cleanliness in the city. 


Education is one of Courtney Westfall’s top priorities. City-wide programs helping to raise up students to where they need to be academically such as reading and math assistance programs are a vital part of becoming a more financially flourishing city and building up successful families for generations to come. These programs are a huge help to families who are so busy working that they may not have the extra time to spend tutoring their children. Parents and grandparents should have the right to control the education of their children and make all decisions in their best interest without the government intervening or telling them what to do with their kids.


Courtney Westfall wants to work with the police, not against the police to keep businesses, schools, families and children in Fresno safe from violence. She has realized that neighbors everywhere are eager to band together and take care of each other through neighborhood watch programs, regular meetings and active communication. She has been tirelessly pushing for greater neighborly unity. 


The key to fixing roads and sidewalks is managing the city's money wisely while also getting rid of wasteful spending of hard-earned tax dollars on unnecessary and frivolous or corrupt use of money. People work hard for their money and deserve honor and respect in how we utilize that for the city’s needs. 


Courtney Westfall wants to cut away the red tape from local business owners and mom-and-pop businesses. Unnecessary government regulations make it difficult and discouraging to own and operate businesses and we should try to find ways to make it easier for people to prosper.


Let's encourage people to open businesses and help them succeed for their families, and for a greater Fresno.

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