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Hey Fresno!

My heart first broke for you when I began volunteering with AmeriCorps to teach kids how to read downtown. I could see plainly that there is a huge need in this community. I have gotten to know many of you, befriended your families, and I know that Fresno is filled with good people and these people will fight for their friends and for their family.
Sadly, many do not yet know of the battle that is raging for their community and their interests. They do not know that they are under a silent attack and they're not aware of the corruption that is going on behind the scenes in their community and with their hard-earned tax dollars. Because if they did, and I know these people... they would not stand by and let it happen!


I am committed to telling Fresno the truth and I will not stop fighting until a proper balance has been restored. I love Fresno and I have a heartfelt desire to see it be made beautiful again. Please explore the site and feel free to reach out if you have any questions. My personal phone number is made available in the contact section.


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